A general anaesthetic is the highest level of anaesthetics that can be given. It is done in a hospital or day-surgery facility usually in an operating room and conducted by an anaesthetist. A general anaesthetic involves administration of general anaesthetic agents (usually breathed into the lungs) to put a patient totally out of consciousness.

Under a general anaesthetic, you will not be able to respond to any verbal communication and high-tech monitoring equipment and resuscitation equipment is on hand for emergencies. It is most suitable for those patients who are medically compromised or who are otherwise not fit enough for IV sedation.

For patients with health insurance and hospital cover, the cost of the hospital stay and part of the anaesthetic costs is covered by insurance. There is a small gap for anaesthetics depending on the length of time of the anaesthesia, but otherwise it is very cost-effective and convenient for patients who are insured to have their surgical procedures done under a general anaesthetic.

Please call us to discuss your treatment needs so that we are able to tailor a solution to meet your individual requirements.

  • All of our staff are highly trained in all types of sedation and pain control. We understand what it takes to treat patients with dental anxiety and have extensive experience treating these patients. Dr Thien Pham, the dental surgeon and principal dentist has studied IV sedation and pain control at a post-graduate level and has been entrusted by the Australian Defence Force to treat their members.
  • In fact, all of our dentists and specialists working in our facility have done or are currently doing post-graduate training and further study as they are committed to providing you excellence in the quality of work.
  • We are able to treat you in most cases without an additional referral to an outside specialist saving you both time and money.
  • Our facility is equipped with nitrous oxide and designed specifically to accommodate IV sedation.
  • General anaesthetics services are provided by us via Darwin Day Surgery, the only day surgery facility in the Northern Territory to have achieved accreditation against the 10 national health standards.
  • Call us today to make an appointment to discuss your treatment needs so that we are able to tailor a solution that meets your individual requirements