Ms Leonie Brown


How lucky am I? I am a person who is truly fortunate because I love my job and I love to see the healthy changes that I help to create in people’s smiles. My main interest is in periodontitis (gum disease) and making sure people who are phobic of the dentist are comfortable and happy to come to their dental appointments. I’m meticulous and dilligent about providing the optimum level of care for patients, and would love for them to maintain regular visits so that I can play a role in caring for, educating and showing patients the value of maintaining their teeth for a lifetime.

My favourite part of the daily routine is my chat with patients before we begin each treatment. It makes me feel comfortable when I sit next to them to ask about how they are going, what they know about their teeth and gums and what we have planned for appointment. I want patients to have a comfortable visit where they leave feeling understood, cared for, and informed with a healthy smile that they can show widely with confidence.

I graduated as a dental hygienist in 2008 from Curtin University in Perth and moved to Darwin 2 years ago. We plan to stay for the long term since I enjoy a rural lifestyle and I like working for a practice that encourages each team member to be the best they can be, to enable growth of themselves and of the practice.

I am passionate about wanting to deliver the best service I can to my patients in all aspects of dental care and as it’s important in life to be constantly learning,  this is also something that I bring to my work to make sure our patient’s are receiving highest standard of care.