Your jaw and the way it moves is an extemely complex system made up of nerves, muscles, bone, joints and teeth which all must act in harmony to allow you to function properly. The impact of the way your teeth bite together is a very important piece of this puzzle. A poorly aligned bite can lead to problems such as clenching, grinding, tooth wear, fractured teeth, TMJ pain, headaches, poor breathing and posture.

For example, did you know that if your back teeth stay in contact for too long during normal functions such as speaking and eating, it actually sends information to your brain to activate the muscles that lead to clenching? By designing the bite properly, we can use your natural reflex mechanisms to shut down this muscle activity, and help you to prevent teeth from premature wear and fractures.

Until now, there has never been a reliable way to measure the force and timing of your bite to achieve this ideal occlusion. T-scan is the only available system that can aid in the diagnosis of jaw-joint pain related to inteferences in your bite in real-time, and gives us the ability to analyse the way teeth bite together to show what is and is not functioning correctly.

It uses pressure sensor technology developed originally for nuclear weapons safety systems to measure how much force is delivered to each area of each tooth and times this force to 1 millisecond accuracy.

With this technology, we can correctly diagnose and treat:

  • pain from the jaw joint related to an incorrect bite pattern
  • overloading of teeth causing issues such as premature wear and tooth fracture
  • overloading of implants that can potentially cause failure of the implant
  • bite splints and night guards that are out of balance

Give us a call today if you think you may have an issue related to your bite.

By using T-scan technology, we remain at the forefront in diagnosis technology and this system is available in Darwin only at Compass Dental Care.

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