Digital X-rays

At Compass Dental Care, we use digital x-rays. They are superior to the film x-rays for these reasons:

It’s safer. Digital x-rays keep the radiation exposure as low as possible and improves safety. By digitally enhancing images, it is possible to develop x-rays with our modern sensors to be equal to one-tenth of the radiation exposure of traditional x-rays. This keeps safety to a maximum for both operator and patient and helps us to conform with the ALARA principle: As Low As Reasonably Achievable. In addition to that, no more developing chemicals is a healthier positive that all staff and the environment benefits from.

It’s more accurate. Digital X-ray images can be enhanced to make diagnosis more precise. Images can be sharpened, colorised, magnified, displayed as a negative and the contrast or brightness can be enhanced. Simply put, we can see more things on digital. These tools are built right into the software system used allowing the images to be displayed instantly on screen at each operatory.

It’s more convenient. Instantly send, copy, store and retrieve images. The X-rays are stored into your file, and can be brought up and viewed instantly at a later date, copies sent electronically to a specialist or another provider, or even to yourself to take with you if you are travelling.

It’s given us more capabilities. Digital x-rays help us to track changes over time. Tooth movement, bone loss or growth, and even subtle changes under a filling or root canal can be more easily recognised using digital radiography. Software features can work out the differences between two areas that are superimposed onto each other, similar to time-lapse photography – showing us the changes over time.

Its faster. Much faster. The pictures that are taken can be viewed in a matter of seconds compared to up to 7 minutes for conventional films.
We have incorporated this and many other cutting-edge technologies as we’re committed to providing patients with the highest level of service and care possible.

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