Ozone Disinfection

Most people think of air pollution when they hear of ozone, yet this naturally occurring gas has been used for decades around the world to sterilise public water systems, disinfect fruits and vegetables, in air purification systems, public swimming pools and spa baths to clean and sterilise.

Ozone’s use in medicine has been around for decades, especially in Europe where doctors have been using it to speed up wound-healing and to treat a variety of diseases. Controlled ozone application has been found to be extremely safe and free from side effects. It is the most powerful molecule that can be used on micro-organisms and it is deadly to bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Ozone is 3000 times more potent than chlorine at killing bacteria, yet leaves no residue as it breaks down into water and oxygen. In fact, our own bodies produce ozone from white blood cells to kill micro-organisms.

At Compass Dental Care, we have a dedicated machine capable of generating ozonated water instantly. Ozonated water is used to ensure powerful disinfection of all our work surfaces, sterilise all of our non-critical instruments and in cleaning and disinfection of our water lines in the chairs.

We also use it in treatment to clean out gum pockets for patients with gum disease, to arrest and reverse dental decay (especially in children, and teeth with deep fillings), treat ulcers, lip and cheek abrasions and to rinse out root canal systems prior to the final sealant and restoration of the tooth.

Ozone has wonderful benefits and is integral to our commitment to minimally invasive dentistry at the highest level of infection control.

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