Complex procedures such as crowns and onlays can take time to do. Traditionally, the process involves at least two visits. During the first, the tooth needing a crown is prepared and impressions are taken to create moulds. These moulds are then sent to a dental laboratory, where the crown is created and sent back to the dental office to be bonded down.

At Compass Dental Care, we are always looking at ways to provide dental care that is higher quality, faster and less expensive and that’s why we have invested in a Roland DWX-4 mill to provide same-day crowns for patients.

This mill enables us to send a digital model to a computer for the design process, after which we can immediately mill or ‘print’ out the crown. This is ideal for patients who live remotely and travel many hundreds of kilometres to come to see us, or those who simply just don’t have the time to come back for another appointment.

The Roland mill can fabricate the crown in about 30 minutes and after some finishing and polishing, it is ready for bonding to the tooth immediately after. No need for uncomfortable temporaries!

We use Vita Enamic exclusively in our mill to make our crowns and onlays. Manufactured in Germany, this hybrid of composite and ceramic achieves a perfect balance of strength, longevity, beauty and future repairability. As the material can be bonded directly to tooth structure, it is ideal to repair teeth that have been severely broken, yet allows us to be minimally invasive when used to protect teeth from fracture.

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