The Trios scanner by 3 Shape brings dentistry Darwin at Compass Dental Care into the future. We are one of the first clinics to offer this amazing technology.

It works like any other intra-oral camera and is able to take high definition photos of inside your mouth; but has a powerful difference. Whilst operating, the Trios scanner can take up to 3000 photos per second and stitch these together to create a full colour, 3-dimensional model of teeth and gums.

The big advantage of this completely digital system is that there is no more messy goop in your mouth. Very handy if you have a gag reflex! With an average scan time (top and bottom jaws) of just 2 minutes, its great for kids and patients with special needs as well.

The result is a truly amazing reproduction of your mouth.

The Trios can be used in the fabrication of crowns, bridges, veneers, occlusal splints, orthodontic aligners and retainers. It can even be used to duplicate an existing denture!

The scanner is accurate to 6 microns. That’s 6 millionths of a millimeter! This ensures a perfect fit for margins of crowns and orthodontic aligners as the digital model doesn’t warp or degrade. No more having to take new impressions from broken or things missing in transit!

When combined with the Trios, ordinary photos can be used to do true 3D Digital Smile Design. 3D CBCT x-rays can be used with Trios to precisely plan implants and avoid any mistakes in placement. The result is better, faster and cheaper- something we strive for at Compass Dental Care!

The digital scans can be sent immediately to a dental laboratory anywhere in Australia by email- reducing the time it takes for labwork to return to us.

Other health care providers can log into our system to discuss and plan complex cases, bringing a level of collaboration that has never been able to be achieved before.

The advantages of Trios are endless in its applications to provide higher quality care.

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