Digital Smile Design now available in Darwin

True cosmetic dentistry is the art of creating a smile that fits in harmony with the face. Teeth exist in and around the lips, nose and cheeks and seek to be in balance with the soft tissues. Even though beauty is often in the eyes of the beholder, there still remains some classic principles to achieve harmony within the face. For example, an ideal smile is symmetrical, with the upper teeth showing more than the lower, the smile should be full and teeth should be in proportion to the golden ratio.

The difficulty in the past has been replicating the design that was created on models outside of the mouth into a live patient. This process was often full of inaccuracies leading to veneers that were too thick, or not fitting well.

Digital smile design aims to solve this problem. DSD is the process where a smile is designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software using a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth. This 3D model is then superimposed into a 2D photo of the patient to check how the final result will look like in relationship with the rest of the face. Once finished, a 3D print of the final model is used to create the end product. This ensures that the results will fit accurately to the pre-designed smile.

Digital Smile Design is exclusive to Compass Dental Care.

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