SmileTRU is an invisible aligner system, similar to Invisalign which works in straightening your teeth without anyone noticing that you are undergoing treatment! Ideal for adults, this is an attractive and discreet solution to teeth straightening without the social stigma of wearing traditional metal bracket braces.

Unless you tell people that you’re wearing invisible braces, most people won’t be able to tell! Many people have heard of Invisalign (and some that haven’t), but there are other alternatives that should be considered, which are cheaper, faster and higher quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

SmileTRU works to straighten crooked teeth, crowded teeth, spacing, under or over bites and closes gaps in between your teeth. You will be provided a series of clear aligners which are plastic moulded trays that have been specifically designed to fit snugly over your teeth. Each tray is worn for two weeks and over this time, each tray introduces small movements in the teeth to gently guide them into the correct position.

With the advances in technology such as digital treatment planning and execution, straightening your teeth is much more comfortable, convenient and attractive using clear aligner technology.

SmileTru is very similar in cost to a course of traditional orthodontic treatment. In addition, they are also:

  • comfortable – very thin clear braces snugly meticulously manufactured with softer plastic edges to ensure minimal irritation of gums and cheeks.
  • removable – easier to eat, drink brush and floss your teeth. Often metal braces leave teeth which has damaged enamel and ‘white spot lesions’ which can eventuate into a cavity. Clear aligners can virtually eliminate this problem.
  • near invisible braces – no metal brackets or wires to interfere with your appearance.
  • minimal impact on your daily routine- they are easily removable so you can just take them out to eat and clean
  • computer aided smile design – your treatment is planned using digital technology which can predict accurate teeth movements and correct movements when things don’t track as planned.
  • no teeth extractions in the vast majority of cases.
  • faster treatment times typically taking from 6 to 10 months.

SmileTRU is developed using the same technology as Invisalign, however with some important differences:

  • All treatment is personally treatment planned by the specialist orthodontist who owns and runs the company that provides the aligners, Dr Livier Truitt. Her husband, Dr Skip Truitt is a world renowned dentist practising orthodontics for over 45 years and is involved in teaching orthodontic principles to other dentists all around the world. Treatment is developed holistically, looking at aspects of the teeth, jaws and development to ensure that potential issues developing from the temporomandibular joint, other oral habits such as tongue thrusting during swallow and relapse are all taken into account. This contrasts with many other systems that rely solely on the treating dentist who may not be as experienced in spotting these issues
  • The treatment plan includes at no extra cost, ‘stops’ planned into each level. Generally, one ‘stop’ per treatment level is included. A ‘stop’ is an opportunity to review treatment, rescan and replan the treatment if required. New trays are manufactured at no additional cost when teeth do not move as planned.  For example, in a level two case (the most common level), there will be two stops included. This means that twice during the treatment, we have an opportunity to rescan your teeth, remake the trays and start treatment again at the scan point if the teeth do not track correctly during treatment.
  • 3D printed models are included with the aligners. This is in case an aligner is lost or broken, we can manufacture and turn around a new tray within 24 hours using our in-house machines.
  • SmileTRU treatment is typically faster, taking on average 3 to 10 months to complete.
  • The overall cost versus Invisalign is less as the lab bills are typically 20% less expensive.

We will firstly book you in for a one hour consultation with our dentist to discuss the suitability of SmileTRU for you, your desired smile and we will answer any questions you may have.

From there, a digital impression of your teeth and a record of your bite are taken 3D scanning technology. A three dimensional model of your teeth can be created which is used to plan treatment, as well as any relevant photos and x-rays as required.

The models, photos and x-rays are then sent to be treatment planned. At the end of the treatment planning process, we will provide you with digital before and after images of your new smile. Once you approve of this, we will send the approval for the manufacture of the aligners.

Typically, it takes 14 to 21 days for manufacture and once complete, we will ask you to return for the fitting appointment. This appointment typically takes 90 to 120 minutes. At this appointment, fractions of a millimetre reductions of your existing teeth will be made using special sandpaper to make room for the teeth to move (in cases of crowding). Some white composite resin buttons may need to be attached to your teeth in order to help the plastic trays to grip teeth which may be too smooth to move on their own.

You will then be provided a series of invisible aligners to wear over the course of your treatment to change every 14 days and we will review you every 4 to 6 weeks to track your treatment progress until treatment is completed.

For the treatment to work, you would need to wear the trays for 24 hours and take them out only to eat, drink and clean your teeth with.

The number of trays varies depending on the starting point of your teeth, but typically, we would expect treatment to be complete from three to ten months.

You will need to continue to brush and floss twice daily as food and plaque will likely collect around the trays, leaving you at a higher risk of developing dental cavities and gingivitis. Your clear braces are to be taken off to eat or drink anything other than water.

There is expected to be some discomfort the first time you wear your new set of clear aligners, and every time you change to the next aligner. Most people like to change their trays before they go to sleep on change days to allow a lengthy period overnight for teeth to move, Some patients do need to take some pain relief before going to bed if the symptoms are bothering enough to warrant this.


Generally speaking, SmileTRU can do most things that traditional metal braces can do. It can have trouble in cases where teeth are severely crowded, however we would need to see you for a consultation and treatment plan to determine if the result is possible.

A treatment plan, consultation, study models and photos will cost approximately $300. This amount is deducted from the total cost of treatment if you decide to proceed. If you require x-rays, this will be at an extra cost.

The treatment cost is capped at  $7900 for both upper and lower arches. This includes all consultations, reviews, adjustments and the final retainers (either fixed or removable). This cost may be less if your case is easier, and it takes less time to complete, but is never more.

We can setup an interest free payment plan to help you pay off the treatment over time. Please call us if you would like to discuss these and any other issues regarding your treatment.

Call Compass Dental Care on (08) 8995 9530 and speak to our friendly team to find out whether SmileTRU aligners are suitable for you.

You’re one step away from a healthier more and attractive smile!